22.6.14 We have got the third place in the competition for Suanbo Plantium a spa hotel in Chungju South Korea.

22.6.18 Our work will be presented at Albert van Abbehuis in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. 18 of June to 17 of July

22.03.23 We have got the second place again. Hoam library in Chungju, South Korea. Collaboration with SID Architecture

21.12.27 Research Project: “Senior Welfare Housing Design Guidelines” was finished. The concept of ‘Interior Façade’ was one of our key ideas. Collaboration with Roo Architects

21.12.21 We made a publishing contract with CIR publisher Korea. “Two Architects Dialogue (working title)” will be coming out next summer we hope. The book was intended basically for young personals who want to be an architect. Actually, this work has also given us time to think of our thoughts.

21.11.26 Atelier Wouter Hilhorst (with Hyukjin Kang) was selected the second place for the competition of designing “Paju Moonsan Main Library” at Paju city, South Korea. Collaboration with Shinhan Architecture

21.10.01 “Evolutions: Recent Developments in Dutch Architecture” was published in AIK Magazine 건축 Architecture 2021. October

21.08.02 Research Contract with Chungju City for establishing “Competition Design Guidelines for Traditional Martial Art Promotion Center”

21.07.01 “Cognitive Aesthetics” is in 건축 Review of Architecture and Building Science 21 07 the monthly magazine of Architecture Institute of Korea.